Pity Party: yes, or no?

Have you ever felt so sorry for yourself that all you wanted to do is crawl under your blanket and never come out? I have. When we are down, we have a choice to immerse in sadness and experience the pain, or to try to convince ourselves that we are able to carry on without acknowledging the impact of whatever made us upset. After all, the world does not want to see us weak and petty. Furthermore, WE don’t want to see us as weak and petty! Oh yes, that inner critic who never misses a chance to pounce. Problem is, we cannot snap out of something we haven’t understood yet. You don’t want to feel like a victim, I get it. Truth is, we do get victimized sometimes, but without processing the impact the chances for building strength are slim.
Allowing ourselves to feel pain and self compassion is not always easy, but necessary for growth. Fact: the most important source of support and validation comes from within the self. When you allow yourself to feel with no filter, you will gain a much greater understanding of your needs and will be able to move forward at a desired pace. There is a huge difference between feeling sorry for ourselves from time to time and letting our hurt dictate how we think and relate.
So go ahead, melt down, eat chocolate, complain and feel sad for yourself sometimes. Acknowledge what you are going through without minimizing it. You are going to come out stronger and more aware!

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